Court dissolves the Islamic Action Society

The Islamic Action Society (Amal) has been dissolved by a Bahraini court in an order stating that Amal was a clear example of trespassing as well as breaching the law and violating peaceful political action practices.

The Office of Political Associations Affairs (OPAA) of the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments, renewed its emphasis that all political associations must comply with the constitution and adhere to the rule of law which is a fundamental prerequisite to protect the right to political action, safeguarded its achievements and support its development.

“Court ruling in the case filed to dissolve the aforementioned society came following serious and continued breaches by them including failure to hold the society’s public convention for a period exceeding four years (the last of which invalidated its convention because it was held in a house of worship), as well as basing the society’s resolutions on a hostile clerical authority who blatantly calls for violence and instigates hatred. According to the findings of the OPAA this is the same religious authority that Amal holds higher than the Kingdom’s Constitution, as publicly announced by the society’s officers,” a statement issued by the IAA said.

“There were also breaches related to its financial position, and its failure to submit a copy of its annual budget to the Ministry as required by law,” statement added.

The OPAA confirmed that Amal, with its actions and public and blatant support of violence and sabotage, under the cover of the freedom of political action which is guaranteed by Constitution and Law, is in breach of the first and foremost fundamental requirement of legitimate political action requiring clear and definitive rejection and condemnation of acts of setting fires, sabotage, terrorizing citizens, endangering their lives, jeopardizing their freedoms and putting them and their property in direct danger.

The Kingdom of Bahrain has had political associations engage in political action since 2001, followed by the establishment of the Political Societies Law in 2005. Bahrain now has 20 licensed political associations.

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