Court issues verdict in residence ransacking case

Public Prosecution
The Lower Criminal Court announced the verdicts and sentences for four men found guilty of destroying a substantial part of the ground floor of a Bahraini policeman’s home. One received a two and a half year prison sentence, while the other three were each given a one-year sentence.

According to the details Captain Khamees Abdulrasool’s garage and kitchen were demolished in April when the convicted men stole a crane from a nearby construction site, driving it to his East Ekr home. The officer’s wife was at home at the time and the attackers threatened to destroy the house entirely and kill her in the process.

Abdulrasool’s house has been vandalized repeatedly, with the latest incident just over a week ago that involved the theft of four air conditioners. Petrol bombs, stones and other projectile have caused more than $130,000 loss, in addition to the bulldozing incident. The family has had to move to an undisclosed location for their safety.

Bahrain has witnessed a sharp increase in violent attacks aimed at policemen and civilians since the beginning of the year when influential cleric Ayatollah Isa Qassim called upon his followers to “crush” the police for their response to illegal activities.

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