Four face charges for defaming the leadership

Public Prosecution
Four people accused of defaming His Majesty the King on their twitter accounts will face an urgent trial before the criminal court, Prosecutor Ahmed Bucheeri said.

The Public Prosecution interrogated the accused and ordered them to be held in custody for seven days pending trial.

The Interior Ministry Anti-Corruption, Economic and Electronic Security Directorate had reported the four cases to the Public Prosecution. “The freedom of opinion and expression is guaranteed for all individuals as stipulated in the constitution, law provisions and international covenants,” Bucheeri said.

He stressed the necessity of explaining the legal constraints relating to this inalienable right in a democratic society without contravening social traditions or constitutional fundamentals.

He said that any flagrant violations would be treated as incriminating and punishable by the law, warning that the Public Prosecution will take a firm stance to legally deal with them.

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