Freedom thrives on embedded respect of obligations

Tariq Al Hassan Bahrain’s Public Security Chief
Bahrain’s Public Security Chief Major General Tareq Al Hassan, who responded to the unfounded allegations that the Interior Ministry was exercising restrictions on freedoms, said that Bahrain respect and ensures all freedoms which come with certain obligations.

The aim of so called gatherings at large, he said, is to exacerbate the situation and tarnish the image of Bahrain which has been the cradle of democracy, prosperity, security and freedoms.

In a statement published by the Bahrain News Agency, he added since the outset of this year, Bahrain has witnessed 88 marches and gatherings which meet the legal terms and conditions.

However, he asserted, the Interior Ministry has to assume its responsibilities in ensuring the rule of law, protecting the supreme national interest, boosting social security and stability and protecting lives and properties.

“Safeguarding all rights and protecting freedoms, including freedom of expression, is an inherent constitutional duty and a top priority of the security bodies,” he added, criticizing some people’s persistence to exaggerate in organizing marches and gatherings in all vital areas in Bahrain so as to disrupt life and hamper people’s interests and jeopardize the national economy.

In line with the directives of the Interior Minister, the Interior Ministry is studying locations where various functions can be held to exercise freedom of expression without disrupting the public interest.

“We are in favour of responsible freedom, which all people must abide by, as it is the optimum way to exercise rights. Freedoms are a right and a responsibility at the same time,” the Public Security Chief asserted in a statement.

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