GDNPR uses state-of-the-art facilities at Exit Controls

Shawgi Mohammed Al-Subai’e Director Exists at GDNPR
The Director of Exits in the General Directorate of Nationality, Passports and Residence (GDNPR), Shawgi Mohammed Al-Subai’e, emphasized that the department complies with the laws, rules and regulation regarding services provided to citizens, residents and visitors.

He lauded the Interior Minister’s support to Exits Department staff members through intensive training, preparation of qualified officers in order to discover any forged travel documents and pinpoint scammers across the Kingdom’s ports and exits.

He said that the Exits Department has provided modern security systems used to facilitate procedures for increasingly growing numbers of travelers. The department also applies precautionary plans in order to avoid travelers’ delay on some occasions such as the Eid and other events such as Formula 1 Grand Prix, Bahrain International Airshow and international exhibitions hosted in the Kingdom. He urged all arrivals and departures across Bahraini exits to satisfy the requisite conditions stipulated by law and ensure the validity of their travel documents (passports) when submitting them to Passports Desk according to their nationality: Bahraini citizens and GCC subjects should ensure validity of passport and compatible photos. Foreign subjects should ensure valid passports, valid entry visas in compliance with the law organizing the entry of foreigners (Article No.: 1 of Immigration Law for the year 1966).

Regarding expatriate workers, they should pass, upon their arrival, through one of five cabins at the Bahrain International Airport and finalize their e-visa procedures in association with the LMRA. They should also take a photographic snap and give their fingerprints, obtain a medical checkup pre-appointment in order to finalize their LMRA procedures.

Regarding readiness and preparations on the part of the GDNPR for the upcoming Hajj season 1433H, the director of Exits explained that the department contributes in facilitating procedures for pilgrims in coordination with the Hajj and Omra Affairs Section in the Ministry of Justice as well as with the security authorities at Bahrain International Airport, the King Fahd Causeway prior to the hajj season by a sufficient time in order to organize the process of pilgrims’ departures according to a pre-set busing schedule in order to avoid any delays. Also coordination is made for this purpose with the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s security officials and King Fahd Causeway Authority.

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