Government plans to fill 20,000 jobs with public security and law enforcing services

From left: Brigadier Mohammed Rashid Bu Hamood, Brigadier Hassan Al Samim, Lt. Colonel Ahmed Mohammed Al Hejres addressing the Press conference on Tuesday

The Ministry of Interior plans to fill the slot of 20,000 jobs largely in the public security and the law enforcing services and with civilian cadres, senior Interior Ministry officials revealed on Tuesday.


“We do not need to hire people in the civilian cadres,” Brigadier Hassan Al Samim, Assistant Undersecretary for Human Resources at the Interior Ministry told a Press conference on Tuesday held at the Ministry of Interior.
“The jobs will not only be in the security sectors but also in service sector like, customs, community police, passports, civil defense, traffic and coast guards.”

“However, the criteria of recruitment does not state any sects of Sunni or Shia’s,” said Brigadier Mohammed Rashid Bu Hamood, Assistant Undersecretary for Legal Affairs at the Ministry said that all those who qualify the criterion would apply for jobs without any discrimination.
“There is no division or discrimination on the basis of sects as the Interior ministry has many officials from both sects.”

“There is a need to recruit more people in the security or service sector is because of urban growth and increase in the number of population. Also there is a massive increase in travel movements both at the Bahrain International Airport and King Fahad Causeway,” Al Samim said.

Al Samim said that there was a need for more force at the Ministry of Interior to cope with any emergency situation such as demonstrations or public disorder to keep the situation under control.

“The recruitment process will begin simultaneously in all five governorates for both male and female in their respective areas’ police stations. These applicants will be recruited in phases according to the capacity of the Royal Police Academy in law enforcement jobs among the security forces,” said Al Samim.

There will be recruitment centres in each of the five governorates police stations starting from 13 March to 13 April 2011, from 8am to 1pm.

“Those who will be selected undergo orientation courses according to the departments of the ministry. The applicants must be Bahraini, above 18 years of age, should present a good conduct certificate and not be part of any political parties or society. ”

The applicant should not have been terminated from the Bahrain Defense Force, National Guard or Public Security Forces. Also should hold intermediate school certificate, should be no less than 162cm of height, pass job interview, physical and medical check- up.

The application must include school graduation certificate, transcript of each level, good conduct certificate of school, copy of passport, birth certificate, identity card, marriage certificate and four photographs.

Al Samim said that the Interior Ministry’s recruitment plan is flexible and can be adjusted according to the needs on the basis of the regular reviews.

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