Governors discuss security strategy in the country

Shaikh Rashid Bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, Interior Minister
During their third meeting, the Governors of the five Governorates expressed their thanks, appreciation and gratitude for the Minister of Interior, Lt.Gen. Shaikh Rashid Bin Abdullah Al Khalifa for his support and efforts in the service of citizens, and homeland.

During the meeting, a number of important issues were discussed, as well as raising the budget of urgent subsidies and re-consider increasing the size of the beneficiaries as directed by the wise leadership and the Minister, who spares no effort in achieving the highest standards for decent living.

They also discussed the security strategy in the governorates in coordination with security leaders within each province, praising the advanced level of the Directorates of Public Security, which work around the clock to provide safety and security for all citizens and residents, according to the latest methods and systems.

The Governor of Muharraq Governorate, Salman Bin Isa Bin Hindi, who chaired the meeting, on behalf of himself and all governors, expressed thanks, appreciation and gratitude for the Minister of Interior, praising the great and remarkable leap and development of the Ministry’s affiliates, including officers, members, and civilians.

Salem Bin Hindi highlighted that the development achieved in the Ministry of Interior was the outcomes of the concern provided to the human resources, including training them for the service of citizens, and the success of the leading project that was represented through community partnership adopted by the Ministry.

Salem Bin Hindi related the community partnership to the national cohesion and cooperation of citizens with security men, which reflected the love and loyalty they hold for the wise leadership, stressing their stance with all measures taken to ensure the security of homeland.

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