HRH Premier pays rich tribute to Bahraini citizens

His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa paid tribute to Bahraini citizens for their unity and patriotic stances.

HRH Prime Minister received members of the Supreme Committee of the National Unity Gathering led by Dr. Shaikh Abdullatif bin Mahmoud Al Mahmoud.

“We are one people belonging to one homeland led by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa,” he said urging citizens to unite on one goal which is protecting Bahrain and its interests as well as maintaining security, stability and national fundamentals.

He also lauded the historic national gathering at Al Fateh Islamic Centre which has amazed the world and left a positive impact that will be cherished by future generations.
He described the gathering as a landmark event in the history of the nation that will influence the present and the future.

“We support every effort aimed at boosting national unity and rallying ranks,” HRH the Prime Minister said stressing that the national march, led by HM the King, will continue unabatedly to achieve citizens’ aspirations.
“Any attempt to jeopardize the national march and sow seeds of sedition is rejected,” he added expressing confidence in wise Bahrainis to boost national unity.

“We exhausted every means to spare the nation the regrettable events. Yet, perfidious hands were adamant to drag the nation into the abyss under the pretext of reform. Fortunately, the praise-worthy patriotic stance of the Bahraini people was able to counteract the wicked attempt to destroy the nation and its achievements,” HRH the Premier added.

Shaikh Abdullatif took pride in the honourable stances of HRH the Prime Minister as well as his wisdom in handling the crisis and its repercussions commending his outstanding role in the Kingdom’s progress and prosperity.

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