Human Rights Minister holds talks with Faraj Fneish

Minister of Human Rights Dr Salah Ali
Human Rights Minister Dr. Salah bin Ali, on the sidelines of the Human Rights Council 21 session in Geneva, met with Head of the Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Department Christophe Peschoux, Head of the Middle East and North Africa Department at the UN High Commission for Human Rights Faraj Fneish and Mohammed Buharthiya from the Human Rights Council UPR department.

He expressed thanks and appreciation for the support and technical assistance given to Bahrain in preparing its second report which was submitted to the Human Rights Council, as part of the UPR programme, and approved on September 19.

He emphasised the Human Rights Ministry’s resolve to cooperate with the Human Rights Council and its affiliated bodies through various programmes to raise awareness of the UN mechanisms in evaluating issues pertaining to the human rights field.

He also stressed the ministry’s determination to boost the capabilities of its executive body in implementing the recommendations of the Human Rights Council and provide it with technical assistance.

He reviewed the outcome of his meeting, alongside the Foreign Minister, with the High Commissioner for Human Rights, pointing out that Bahrain will soon present her with an invitation to visit Bahrain.

He also added that an invitation will also be addressed to the special rapporteur on torture to visit Bahrain early next year, in line with one of the recommendations of the Human Rights Council which were approved by Bahrain.

The audience expressed readiness to cooperate with Bahrain in tackling human rights issues, lauding the kingdom’s efforts in dealing with the requirements of the UPR programme.

The meeting was attended by the Foreign Ministry Undersecretary, Bahrain’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, Human Rights Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for Coordination and Follow-up and Director of the Legal Affairs and Agreements Directorate.

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