Independent Bloc applauds security forces for arresting terrorists

nwab_118_0The National Independent Bloc at the Representatives Council has lauded the arrest of some leaders and members of the “14th of February” terrorist organization and dismantling of its criminal cells, and described them as landmark achievements of the security bodies and a fruitful result of their efforts to promote security and stability in the kingdom, protect the Bahraini society from acts of violence, sabotage and terrorism, safeguard civic and social peace, protect the lives and property of the citizens and residents and foster peace, tranquility and national unity nationwide.

MP Khamis Al-Rumaihi, on behlf of the bloc extended sincere thanks and appreciation to the Interior Minister Lieutenant-General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa and all affiliates of the Interior Ministry for their dedicated national efforts and vigilance which led to the dismantling of the terrorist ring and arrest of some of its members who were involved in acts of violence, terrorism, arson and sabotage, targeted economic facilities, national functions and foreign interests, and masterminded dangerous terrorist blasts.

The bloc said that exposing the gang’s organization, training, financing and foreign links lays bare the dimensions of the foiled terrorist plan that targeted the kingdom since February 14, 2011, and was recorded in the report of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI), calling for the need to re-read the report which was analysed by western and Iran-backed media outlets and politically-biased human rights organization from a unilateral perspective.

The bloc called upon the Interior Ministry to go ahead with its efforts to crack down on terrorists and criminals and contact the Interpol to arrest the other members of the terrorist organization, in line with the international efforts to promote global security and stability.

It also requested western countries not to provide refuge for members of the organisation who were involved in acts of violence and terrorism, found guilty of conspiring with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to harm the Bahraini people and overthrow the ruling system and participated in a regular meeting of the Iranian governorates under the name of the “Governorate of Bahrain”, in the presence of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

The bloc also noted that eradicating the roots of terrorism is a national responsibility that requires joint efforts to dry up the financial resources of terrorists, incriminate using religious platforms and social media networks to instigate violence, sectarianism and hatred, and bring inciters and perpetrators to justice.

It also praised the Interior Minister’s order to examine possible Hizbollah’s interests in Bahrain and take the necessary legal procedures, calling on GCC states to join ranks and activate security agreements in order to face the recurrent interference of Iran and its followers in their internal affairs, in coordination with Arab and Islamic countries and international organisations.

The bloc emphasized that security and stability of the kingdom are essential for continuing the political reforms, optimizing development achievements and attracting investments.

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