Khalifa Bin Ahmed Al-Dhahrani holds talks with ASSECAA delegates

DhahraniSpeaker of the Council of Representatives, Khalifa Bin Ahmed Al-Dhahrani met with a number of heads of delegations and participants during the works of the Conference of the Association of Senates and Shura Councils, and the Equivalent Councils in Africa and the Arab World in its seventh term, two day meeting which is hosted by Kingdom of Bahrain and kicked off on Tuesday.

Al-Dhahrani stated that the parliamentary meetings are a clear evidence of the importance of Kingdom of Bahrain and its distinctive position at the level of the Gulf, Arab and Islamic parliaments, in addition to the African and International parliaments.

Al-Dhahrani also stated the importance of these conferences and meetings between the legislative councils in reinforcing the role of parliaments in resolving the problems of the Arab World and Africa, and bearing the responsibility of developing the legislations and their role in achieving security and development of the Arab and African nations.

Meanwhile, Al-Dhahrani highlighted that the sustainable contact and activation between the parliamentarians, discussing the issues of common interests, and organizing visits and exchanging programmes play a great role in developing the common parliamentary action.

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