Major projects with the help of Germany on the way

Participants of Bahrain German follow up meeting
Hunderds of millions of dollars worth new projects are being conceived and implemented with the help of German know how as part of joint efforts promoting two business and commercial ties between the two countries.

Industry and Commerce Minister Dr. Hassan praised the good results achieved of His Majesty the King Hamad visit to Germany.

The meeting held on Thursday reviewed latest development of Bahrain-German joint investment projects. Ali Hassan the board member of Universe Environment presented the latest development in the project of recycling waste, glass, empty cans, electronics and electrical equipment and is currently coordinating with official authorities to provide a plot of land for the project not less than 5000 square meters to be near collection waste.

Dr. Khalid Abdulla, CEO of Innovest, gave a detailed briefing on the insulin manufacturing unit and he said that there was a tendency to establish this unit in Bahrain with a capital of $91 million. He added that there was coordination with BIIP and one of the financial banks for funding and they were in talks with the GCC investors in this regard. He also stated that project will provide about 100 technical and professional jobs.

The establishment of a German International School will embraces German nationals in the Kingdom of Bahrain and will contribute to ensure stability for German business owners.

The German Orthopedic Clinic, which was opened in March 2010, was also discussed during the meeting.

There is an agreement between Bahrain Airport Company and Hochtief to manage facilities at Bahrain International Airport.
Vivian Jamal from EDB reported that this project started since last year 2010 and there were other areas of cooperation to provide advisory services to other companies in logistics sector.

President of Gulf Marcom Group Khamis Al Muqla provided the latest update on the development work with APS-ASTRA Company, a company specialized in telecommunication and television broadcast to promote and provide services in the Kingdom and the region.

Khalid Al Zayani and Abdul Rasool Al Haddad reviewed number of proposed projects with the German side and were currently under study and initial consultations stages.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce continue to follow up process and joint coordination with businessmen and German Embassy to achieve more desired objectives of His Majesty King Hamad visit to Germany that contribute to enhance the relations between the two countries and activating economic agreement concluded between them.

The participants of the meeting thanked the MOIC for its efforts made towards successful cooperation between Bahrain and Germany.

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