Market supplies back to normal after Eid

Redha Bustani with Ministry of Commerce officials
The supply and demand of the vegetables, fruits, meat and other eatable items come back to normal following the peak consumption month of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr, the Minister of Commerce and Industry announced.

As directed by the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Undersecretary of Commerce Affairs Ahmed Bubshait accompanied by a number of officials visited yesterday morning Manama Central Market, in addition to Ramez Store and Carrefour Supermarket in order to determine sales and purchases movement after Eid Al Fitr.

During their tour to Manama Central Market, Redha Al Bustani confirmed that consumer’s needs from vegetables and fruits are available in the market.

In term of meat, undersecretary was briefed on the large quantities of meat and Bahrain Livestock Company continues launching required quantities and this was confirmed by Ibrahim Salman.

Through undersecretary presence in Ramez Store, he was briefed on promotions which included many of consumer’s materials in addition to school supplies. Mansour Ghalib confirmed that prices are stable and there are a lot of promotional offers on many school tools.

During the visit to Carrefour Hypermarket the undersecretary was briefed on promotional campaigns on many materials and consumer goods and stationary.
Abdulla Bader confirmed that promotions will continue according to a promotional program adopted by the market continuously throughout the year.

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