Minister lauds police's professionalism, dedication

Interior Minister Lieutenant-General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa during a visit to Capital Police HQs
Interior Minister Lieutenant-General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa visited the Capital Governorate Police Directorate. He was welcomed by Public Security Chief Major-General Tariq Al- Hassan and the Capital Police director-general.

The minister expressed paid tribute to Capital Police personnel and staff of all stations in the district for their dedication, discipline, competence and self-restraint.

He inspected the work flow in different sections of the directorate and was briefed on procedures to provide quality security services for citizens and residents. He stressed the importance of optimising the use of modern technology to ensure speedy services competently.

He affirmed that the mission of policemen is clear that focuses on the commitment to the constitution, law and transparency. He said that such commitment helped in the implementation of duties, development of performance and correction of shortcomings. He said that matters that affect society and its security and stability concern the Interior Minister as well as how to diagnose and identify such issues to deal with them with active manner.

The minister highlighted the importance of upgrading and modernizing police stations and activating their role in the coming phase as well as studying linking them through joint database as they are the frontline in dealing with cases of citizens and residents and implementation of procedures.

He said that the integration of modern technology comes within the modernization policy adopted by the Ministry to enhance the performance of all its sectors. He also highlighted the importance to protect all police directorates and stations to ensure smooth operations.

The Minister directed for more focus on community partnership to prevent the spreading of crimes. He said that such goal have been achieved through limiting some wrong behavior in Manama. He also directed to protect the civilize manner in dealing with visitors of police stations, law and human rights criteria.

He affirmed intensify security presence in areas with tensions to protect security, stability and property. He affirmed important of accuracy in the implementation of legal procedures at checkpoints to maintain security and order.

He stressed the importance of the protection of security in Manama for being the heart and civilize front of Bahrain as it is the economic and business center. He directed for the creation of secure atmosphere through measures and procedures to revive commercial movement to increase growth.

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