Ministry of Works maintains ISO Certification

The Minister of Public Works, engineer Essam bin Abdullah Khalaf with ISO Certification Report
The Minister of Public Works, engineer Essam bin Abdullah Khalaf, has received the final report for compliance with ISO Quality Standards System in the Ministry from the chief of the Department of Strategic Planning and Quality Management, engineer Rajaa Al-Zayani in the presence of the Ministry’s undersecretary, engineer Walid Al-Sa’I and the Quality Specialist engineer Noora Al-Nua’imi.

This comes as part of ongoing efforts in the Ministry in compliance with ISO principles in various jobs and as the Quality System in the Ministry successfully passed external quality control auditing hence the Ministry has maintained the ISO 9001:2008 for the third year consecutively.

The Minister said that the renewal of ISO certification for the third year in a row is indicative of the Ministry’s plying on the right path and accentuated constant compliance in order to maintain quality excellence and continual improvement in providing optimum services to citizens and residents at quite low and affordable cost.

The result of auditing confirms compliance of the current quality system with international standards applicable in this field which made the Ministry eligible to obtain the prestigious ISO certification for the third year.

The chief of the department of strategic planning and quality management pointed out that winning this award has come after continuous measuring of performance indices which attained operational and procedural levels which constitute the core of Ministry services on timely fashion and low cost and customer satisfaction in order to preserve the “green patch” which is a principle sponsored by HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the Prime Minister who has always stressed the need to comply with ISO standards and requirements .

The Public Works’ Minister, had renewed last July (2011) its eligibility for ISO 9001:2008 after a 2-day annual auditing process which covered all Ministry sectors and locations. AJA Registrar (Europe) verified the Ministry’s compliance with the system requirements hence maintaining its accreditation.

The Ministry of Works obtained the ISO 9001:2008 towards the end of June 2010. The Ministry organized a series of awareness lectures for more than 7500 ministry employees from both genders under the title: (ISO 9001:2008 and Quality Management) aimed at orienting and qualifying employees on essential concepts of quality management in compliance with ISO 9001 in addition to boosting the principle of partnership with public institutions.

During the first half of last year (2011) more than 600 employees from various departments and sections in the Ministry of Works received training and qualification under the internal auditing program for quality systems offered by the Civil Service Bureau.

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