National interests remain a top priority

His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa
His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa affirmed that national interests remain a top priority even if the kingdom has overcome the crisis that gripped it thanks to the popular support and patient and wise handling of the situation.
Speaking as he received at his court this morning a number of Shura and Representatives councils’ members, clerics, intellectuals, media figures, officials and citizens, HRH Premier asserted that some evil sides are still lurking around the corner to harm the homeland, urging the civil society, national intellectual and professional figures to promote national awareness, consolidate cohesion among citizens as the nation cannot be built and protected through passivity.
“We are not against any one, and we will never hold a grudge against any side, but we will not allow the country to be harmed, the national security or stability be undermined or the citizens’ livelihoods be threatened,” HRH Premier confirmed.

The Premier also indicated that that wicked attempts to undermine solid ties between members of tightly-knit one family Bahraini society and sow seeds of sedition and sectarianism among them have been foiled thanks to the Bahraini citizens’ patriotism, calling for the need to enhance national cohesion and solidarity so as to be able to drive away all threats which are doomed to fail in light of the existing exemplary coherence among Bahrainis.

HRH Premier asserted that the citizens’ welfare is the utmost goal of the government, adding that governmental efforts are focused on providing the best services for the aim of ensuring decent living for all, highlighting the government’s incessant eagerness to identify the shortcomings, if there are any, and address them appropriately in order to make sure that all Bahrainis have easy access to services.

HRH Premier stressed the essential role played by journalists and columnists in highlighting the citizens’ needs and obstacles facing their access to the government’s services.

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