NGO pledges support to the family of policeman

A delegation from the Willpower and Change Society has paid a visit to martyr of duty Imran Ahmed’s family to whom they offered sincere condolences and expressed unwavering support.
Members of the delegation assured the family that those behind the heinous terrorist attack, including the criminals and their inciters, will be brought to justice so as to be deterrent examples for others with the same criminal intents.

Members of Martyr Imran Ahmed thanked the delegation for its humanitarian initiative, expressing their desire to have the perpetrators brought to justice.

They also asserted that Bahrain deserves sacrifices from its citizens.

The delegation also paid a visit to the police officer who was injured during the terrorist attack in Al Eker and who is currently undergoing treatment and was assured that his condition is stable.

In this regard, the society instructed its cadres to follow up the case of the injured officers closely.

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