Police arrests 11 vandals for wreaking havoc

Tariq Al Hassan Bahrain’s Public Security Chief
The Chief of Public Security, Major-General Tariq Al-Hassan announced the arrest of eleven suspected gangsters for their participating in riots.

The Chief of Public Security condemned the acts of violence and said that the acts of sabotage and blocking of major streets are meant to spread fear and to scare the public and adversely affect business interests.

He said that a gang of saboteurs intercepted a car driven by a Bahraini woman near the entrance of Abu Saiba district and inflicted damage onto the lady’s vehicle with Molotov cocktail bombs.

Another gang of saboteurs took part in illegal rally in Bani Jamra and used iron rods and Molotov cocktail bombs to attack policemen and passersby. The presence of policemen prevented clashes between rioters and citizens as residents gathered in Budaiya. Police took legal action to disperse the rioters and restored law and order.

The Chief of Public Security accentuated that security forces would have zero tolerance towards law-breaking activities and malicious assaults inflicted by outlaws against passersby, policemen and public and/or private property. He asserted that the acts of sabotage are way far from genuine Bahraini values and spiritual atmospheres of the last few days of the holy month of Ramadan.

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