Police Chief assures peace and security

Tariq Al Hassan Bahrain’s Public Security Chief
Chief of Public Security Major General Tariq Al Hassan held a meeting with security directors and director of operations and traffic monitoring at the General Directorate of Traffic.

Major General Al Hassan at the outset of the meeting expressed his thanks and appreciation on the efforts exerted by policemen in various fields towards reinforcing security and stability in areas of the kingdom.

This, he said, came following directives of the Minister of Interior related to take all legal actions within the framework of the law. Major General Al Hassan indicated that all such efforts came as part of a comprehensive security plan and through the utilization of an advanced security measures in undertake these duties to ensure the wellbeing of citizens and residents.

During the meeting he also praised the role of traffic policemen which had contributed in safe return of students to schools during the start of the scholastic year this week. He emphasized that the reinforcement of security patrols in areas were school were located is necessary to secure the safety of students.

During the meeting the Chief of Public Security reviewed means of further facilitating traffic movement and easing of road congestion through the cooperation of the various security police stations in the five governorates along with the traffic directorate.

He also called for more traffic awareness campaigns for both drivers and pedestrians that would in turn decrease the number of accidents.

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