Saboteurs stage illegal protests, rallies on Friday: Police

Groups of saboteurs took part in unauthorized protests following the funeral of Hussain Al-Baqali, according to a statement published by the Bahrain News Agency quoting Ministry of Interior senior official.

They committed acts of rioting and sabotage and blocked roads, using dustbins and hurling iron rods and Molotov cocktails.

“Security forces had to intervene and disperse them in line with legal procedures in such cases”, Northern Police director-general said.
In another development, the father of the deceased told the Northern Police Directorate that his son attempted to commit suicide by self-immolation at his house on January 20, 2012 following a family dispute.

His mother confirmed the incident as well as his aunt who took him to Salmaniya Medical Complex on January 22, 2012 as documented. Asked about the incident, the late Hussain Al-Baqali had then admitted attempting to commit suicide by self-immolation.

Concerned authorities have kept a record of his confessions. The late Hussain Al-Baqali – who hails from Jidhafs- died on Friday (Feb17) at Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC).

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