Seven police officers face charges on mistreatment

Information Affairs Authority Bahrain
The Bahraini Courts have charged 7 police officers for mistreatment and torture allegations against medical staff detained during the unrest last year. Two officers were referred to the High Criminal Courts, while the rest will appear in the Lower Criminal Court. All the accused are ranked as Lieutenants in the Ministry of Interior (MoI).

The Public Prosecution investigated 14 of the complainants, 5 witnesses and 17 of the accused officers, which resulted in putting the group of seven on trial. The allegations including using force to obtain confessions of crimes, as well as misdemeanor assault and slander, which are all punishable under Bahrain’s Penal Code.

The two officers facing the most serious allegation are charged with the use of torture and threats against six medic detainees, with the purpose of forcing a confession. All confessions obtained under such circumstances were thrown out in the medics’ trial.

“The hearing is scheduled for October 1st 2012. The Public Prosecution Special Investigation Unit (SIU) is currently investigating the remaining 10 of the accused officers,” the Head of the SIU, Nawaf Hamza, said.

The Bahrain Government continues to reinforce their commitment to fulfilling the recommendations drawn from the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) report, in assigning accountability and promoting the independence of the judiciary system.

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