Shaikha Mai highlights Bahrain’s cultural experience

Minister of Culture Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa
As part of the knowledge exchange between GCC member countries and cultural outreach, the Minister of Culture Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa presented a detailed and comprehensive presentation on Bahrain’s cultural experience at the “Dubai Cultural and Scientific Seminar” centre in the United Arab Emirates.

The presentation highlighted the most important cultural infrastructure projects that work towards providing the basis for its overall cultural prospective during the year being Manama, Capital of Arab Culture 2012.

The Minister also indicated in her presentation her plan related to cultural development in addition to the strategies and various cultural tools that enables culture to create an active social community.

Shaikha Mai also reviewed various other projects that are expected to be undertaken during the upcoming year and that would cover various areas in the Kingdom of Bahrain which also includes the National Theatre that would open mid-November.

Some of these projects also include developing Bab-Al-Bahrain, the post office, Bahrain hotel and open spaces in the same area. The presentation also covered all other projects being undertaken by the ministry.

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