Social media serves as a vital pillar to media strategy

IAA President Shaikh Fawaz with Khamis Muqla during the opening ceremony of the Forum on Wednesday
President of the Information Affairs Authority (IAA), Shaikh Fawaz Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, who inaugurated the Social Media Masters Forum 2012 on Wednesday, said that social media would continue to serve as a vital pillar of the national media strategy.

Social Media Masters Forum 2012 is being held in Manama with the participation of international experts from the major social media companies in the world.

Shaikh Fawaz called upon using the social networks concerning the issues which were for the interests of the individual, community, highlight the modern achievements of the Kingdom of Bahrain in all fields, and spread peace’s values and the culture of openness, tolerance, unity, development and rejected the devotion to the culture of isolation.

Shaikh Fawaz expressed his happiness with the inauguration of the Social Media Forum, which was considered the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and in the region as well.

Shaikh Fawaz said that the means of social mass communications provided all the capabilities which helped them attain a pioneering position. He also said that the commercial and industrial companies and institutions compete to book places in the world of social communications networks, through creating webpages for themselves on those networks.

They also wanted to interact through those sites to attract new customers to their services, products, and strengthen their position to create pages on the network that provided a new space to show their identity, message, products, services, news, activities, and to interact through those sites to attract new customers for their services, and to strengthen their market’s position.

Shaikh Fawaz pointed out that the social media communications had attained an important role in their modern life, where they provided opportunities for all too directly open the doors to be in contact with the local and regional people, as well as on the international level.

Shaikh Fawaz also highlighted that the Information Affairs Authority had launched some sites on Twitter, where it participated with more than 40.000 tweets during the last 18 months in Arabic, English and French, and were read by more than 130.000 people, where the (IAA) website on YouTube was watched by more than three million during the same period.

Shaikh Fawaz also said that the Authority was proud to host the first annual meeting for the Social Media Award 2011. He also called on the youth to benefit from that valuable opportunity of the Forum, and through the available experiences in the Forum as well.

Shaikh Fawaz commended the approach of the ministries of the Kingdom and the other governmental agencies in creating official accounts on the social networks sites, as a way of appreciating their importance.

The Forum discussed different themes including the way to create an active presence on the social networks so as to be an active tool to promote for the institutions and companies, and support companies to update their marketing strategies to strengthen their ability of competitiveness in their field of work.

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