Tamkeen supports 1500 farmers, fishermen

Mechanised Farming: One of the machines bought by a local farmer with the help of Tamkeen
Over 1500 fishermen and famers have been supported by Tamkeen through its BD10 million programme since the launch of the programme.

Fisheries and agriculture are critical when it comes to the food security of the Kingdom, and were among the earliest professions in Bahrain. Realising this critical role, Tamkeen created two support programmes catering specifically to meet the needs of Bahraini fishermen and farmers. Tamkeen allocated a total budget of BD 4.4 million to support 1,100 Bahraini fishermen, and BD5.93 million to support 600 farmers in order to enable this sector to acquire advanced technologies and adapt modern and effective methods.

The support comes as part of Tamkeen’s objective to provide funding and advice to Bahraini private enterprises to enhance their capabilities and make them more prosperous and sustainable.

The fishermen and farmers support programmes were designed under the guidance of Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, wife of His Majesty the King and Chairperson of the Supreme Council for Women, and in response to the National Initiative for Agricultural Development. Through Tamkeen’s support, fishermen and farmers are able to improve their productivity and enhance the respective sectors while at the same time working towards food self-sufficiency. The support also helps create rewarding jobs for Bahrainis in the two sectors.

To date, more than 1,140 Bahraini farmers and fishermen benefited from the two programmes (817 fishermen and 325 farmers).

Hamad Habib Al-Tawq, a fisherman who benefited from Tamkeen’s programme, said the support and advice he received from Tamkeen allowed him to continue in his profession as a fisherman, a profession he has made his living from since he was a young boy. “Because of financial problems, my career was about to come to an end,” Al-Tawq explains. “But thanks to Tamkeen’s support, I managed to obtain new modern technologies and stay in the profession that I have always loved. In fact, the support helped me expand my business, which is the sole source of living for me and my family.”

Lulwa Khalifa is a Bahraini woman who benefited from Tamkeen’s support for her agricultural project. “Tamkeen’s support revived my project and put it on a solid track for success on the levels of management, financial obligations, and consultation,” she says.

Lulwa says work in her agricultural establishment is now moving faster as modern equipment and technology, obtained through Tamkeen’s support, are being used to cultivate and irrigate the land and package and market products. “Our sales increased and our revenues soared,” she concludes.

Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al Ghatam, who started his career in the agricultural and water sector, thanked Tamkeen for a financial grant that helped him expand his business. He called for more support options to suit the various needs of the Bahraini establishments and help them improve their performance. “Tamkeen’s support and encouragement motivated me to develop and expand my business in the area of protected agriculture and related water desalination,” Al Ghatam said.
“We now have more customers, and our products are distributed across the Kingdom.”

Tamkeen offers about 180 programmes to develop the human capital and support the private sector in Bahrain. About 53,000 Bahrainis and Bahrain-based enterprises have so far benefited from these programmes.

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