Thousands attend funeral of martyr Omran

Public Security Chief and the Minister of Interior were among thousands who attended the funeral of martyr Oman who killed by thugs in a bomb attack
Thousands of citizens and residents, headed by the Interior Minister, Southern Governor and senior Interior Ministry officials, took part in the funeral procession of the martyr of duty, from the Interior Ministry’s Special Forces, Omran Ahmed, who was buried in Al-Hunainia cemetery in Riffa. The martyr was killed in a terror explosion on Friday during duty in East Ekar.

Participants in the funeral took pride in the martyr who, they said, embodied sacrifice and heroism in fulfilling his duty and confronting the groups of terrorists and criminals who are targeting Bahrain’s security and stability.

They also commended the key role played by the security personnel to promote security, praying God Almighty to rest the soul of the martyr in eternal peace and paradise and bless his family with patience and consolation.

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