Thugs attack policemen after Burial in Jid Hafs

Information Affairs Authority Bahrain
The General Director of the Northern Governorate Police announced that after the conclusion of the burial of Mohammed Ali Ahmed Mushaima in Jid Hafs o Tuesday, a violent group attacked police with petrol bombs and stones. The group also engaged in acts of rioting and blocked Budaiya Road, one of the main roadways in the Kingdom.

The General Director said that the police warned the group several times to disperse. When their warnings were ignored, the police used only necessary force to restore order.

The deceased, Mohammed Ali Ahmed Mushaima, was admitted to Salmaniya Medical Complex on August 29 (2012) and had been receiving appropriate medical care there for Sickle Cell disease ever since. He was serving a 7 years sentence at the Reformation and Rehabilitation Directorate.

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