US Air Force, Pak Air Force to participate in joint exercise

US Air Force delegation which arrives at Sakhir Airbase
US Air Force jet-fighters landed at Isa Airbase and will participate in the 2012 Basic Liaison Drill, which is being organized by Bahrain Defense Force (BDF) from April 8 to 18.

Pakistan Air Force will also particiapte in these excercises as announced in an earlier statement by the BDF. This year’s participation is considered the biggest ever since 1988, where more than 100 jet-fighters from 10 countries are taking part.

This exercise is part of periodic training exercises the BDF has been organizing for 25 years with the participation of a number of air forces from sisterly and friendly countries, including the United States of America as a permanent participant since the exercise was first launched.

The drill includes joint exercises in the context of the joint cooperation and coordination of air force operations among the participants to consolidate cooperation in maintaining security and stability in the Gulf area.

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