US official endorses Bahrain’s human rights record

Human Rights Affairs Minister Dr. Salah bin Ali Abdurrahman met US State Department Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labour senior advisor Scott Busby, on the sidelines of the 21st Un Human Rights Council (UNHRC) session, and affirmed Bahrain’s resolve to promote human rights and protect citizens’ dignity.

Scott Busby hailed the positive developments undertaken in Bahrain to promote human rights, crediting the establishment of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI), and the approval of most of the (UNHRC) recommendations.

He underlined positive steps undertaken to date citing the establishment of a High Human Rights Coordination Committee and commitment to submit a report within two years, updating the UN watchdog on the progress in implementing the recommendations.

He pointed out that Bahrain had invited the UN Human Rights High Commissioner and UN Rapporteur on torture to visit the Kingdom early next year.

A delegation representing the (UNHRC) office and the Periodic Review division will also visit Bahrain and gauge its needs regarding its human rights issues.

He lauded Bahrain for taking the initiative to invite the UN Human Rights High Commissioner and UN Rapporteur on Torture to visit the Kingdom early next year.

The US official raised several issues, including the easy entry of NGOs to Bahrain, the prosecution of doctors and the court verdicts against activists.

He pointed out that the charges and court trials remain unclear to the American public opinion.
In this regard the minister defended the integrity and transparency of the judiciary system in Bahrain, affirming that the defendants had all the legal guarantees in conformity with international standards.

He also pointed out that the authorities were reviewing the terms under which NGOs would be allowed to enter Bahrain.

He welcomed NGOs to visit Bahrain as long as they meet the requirements and commit to the programmes and goals of their visits.

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