Zero tolerance for acts of sabotage, violence

Minister for Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Shaikh Khalid bin Ali Al-Khalifa
Bahrain on Wednesday warned the saboteurs against persistent violations and announced zero tolerance to actions of thugs which flouted all red lines.

“There is no immunity when it comes to Bahrain’s sovereignty, national unity and security”, the Minister for Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Shaikh Khalid bin Ali Al-Khalifa in a statement said.

He also urged a religious rhetoric based on moderation and tolerance.

He stressed the need for religious platforms to promote the values of unity, national allegiance and the rule of the law.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Minister vowed to confront any misuse of religious platforms to promote narrow partisanship designs and crisis-mongering political agenda.

“These platforms are being misused to politicize religion and allow religious to encroach on politics” to advocate a purely partisan and sectarian agenda”, he said.

He warned against continuous violations being committed parties which seeking to dominate mosques and turn them into “bridges” to achieve their political agendas, thus contravening the true essence religion.

He urged all parties to assume their responsibilities and join ranks to protect religious platforms against any deviation to pursue narrow designs.

He deplored the fact that mosques are being turned into platforms to sow chaos and division, provide a cover up for law-breakers and vandals and call for the exclusion of others.

“How religion can be used to justify harming human beings, endangering their lives and targeting their properties”, he wondered, urged crisis-mongers and instigators to wake-up to the detrimental repercussions of their religious mantra instead of professing self-denial.

“Every Friday is becoming a day of hatred, extremism incitement and frustration for citizens, instead of being a day of peace and relaxation”, the minister said.

He deplored the deliberate escalation of terror acts and Molotov attacks which mar innocent people’s weekends and prompted them to voice their anger and condemnation.

He urged clerics and religious leaders to come forward and condemn road blockades and Molotov terror attacks which endanger people, target policemen and wreak havoc on public and private properties.

He warned against exploiting worshipping venues to defame other sects and stigmatise people, stressing the necessity to confront any misuse of religious liberties to achieve partisan designs.

The minister stressed the need to steer internal affairs away from any external interference and foreign designs.

He affirmed the necessity to confront any meddling and provocations stave off any attempt to import cloned regional experiences in a bid to turn Bahrain into a sphere of a particular sectarian and partisan influence, to the detriment of its stability, national security, sovereignty, unity and Arab identity.

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