BCCI urges action against illegal acts targeting business and trade in Bahrain

The Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) on Saturday urged the concerned authorities to take swift action against the protests targeting the business outlets across the country.

The BCCI board members appealed to concerned authorities to take necessary steps to deter illegal acts targeting the trade sector.

The BCCI board raised concerns following a string of incidents, in which shopping outlets and restaurants were forced into closing their doors.

“A group of youngsters are orchestrating the illegal acts in several areas and governorates of Bahrain,” the Chamber in a statement said.

Short Messages (SMS) are also being circulated to target certain trade activities, brands and products to damage their interests. “Such detrimental acts will only deepen the sectarian divide, drive wedges and foment disunity among people”, the BCCI said, warning that such campaign are sparking fears among citizens and eroding the feeling of security – an unprecedented situation in Bahrain.

The Chamber called upon all parties to join ranks and restore calm for Bahrain to regain its positive and serene atmosphere and avert any acts which may erode its national unity. It also stressed the importance of keeping away the trade sector from any sectarian divide or political polarization.

“The trade sector is known for representing all sects, factions and ethnic groups”, the statement said, urging perpetrators of such illegal acts to be held accountable. The BCCI deplored these detrimental acts which are not sparing even residential areas, urging all parties to observe self-restraint and refrain from any act which may deepen sectarian animosities between citizens.

“Bahraini society has long been known for its national unity and rejection of sectarianism”, the statement said.
The BCCI board members appealed to all social powers to join hands to bolster the march of construction and national unity and preserve hard-won achievements.

“The freedom of opinion is a guaranteed right, providing it abides by the law provisions and the legitimate channels stipulated in the constitution”, it said.

The business community warned that the current situation prevailing in Bahrain is too critical and volatile to bear further escalation or sectarian animosities. “Bahrain, the nation that embraces all sects and social sections, will be the big loser from the current escalating tensions”, the BCCI statement said, warning that the national economy has so far suffered massive losses and does not sustain any further tensions or escalations.

The BCCI paid tribute to all good-willing parties for their efforts to restore calm and promote the opportunities of dialogue, understanding and national consensus so as to further anchor genuine Bahraini fundamentals and bolster future goals.

“Bahrainis’ consciousness, patriotism and unity are the guarantors to protect the nation and emerge from this crisis”, the statement said.

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