Development of Wahat Al Muharraq on the right track

Wahat Al-Muharraq Phase-1
There has been a remarkable success in the development of the first phase of Wahat Al Muharraq and now the focus is on the second phase of the project, thanks to the great demand for Manara’s housing units.

“Manara Developments is currently working on developing projects in parallel targeting the middle and low income segments of the society,” Dr Hassan Al Bastaki, Managing Director of Manara Development Company in a statement said.

To cater for the needs of the above segments, he added, Manara Developments has been working on projects include phase one of Janayin Al Hamala, a phase which will deliver 148 villas and phase one of Wahat Al Muharraq, which is 70% complete, and the start of the project’s second phase, and the two phases of which will deliver 57 villas.

“All these above projects have been reasonably priced and will help to ease the load on the housing sector in the Kingdom,” he asserted.

Dr. Al Bastaki said that Manara’s projects, in both planning and execution phases, set a benchmark and position the company as a market leader in providing affordable housing keeping in view the two main objectives i.e. compatibility of prices and providing housing units to those awaiting in the queue at the Ministry of Housing.

Phase two of the Wahat Al Muharraq project comprises of 180 villas, 79 of which are attached to neighboring villas, 77 semi-attached and 24 standalone type villas, all of which are characterized by larger room sizes along with the three new themes that are unique to the houses in the second phase, and they are; the modern design, Moroccan design, and the Tuscan (Italian) design. These designs are spread amongst the attached and semi-attached villas, and are based on the requests of the homeowner.

Dr. Al Bastaki added that the attached villas consist of two living rooms, a kitchen, three bedrooms of which one is the master bedroom, a maid’s room and a laundry room, with the capacity to add an external kitchen and a second level, and two car park spaces.

The semi-attached villas of phase two have an external Majlis (living room) for those seeking privacy, as well as two halls, a large kitchen, three bedrooms, a spacious veranda, a maid’s room, a laundry room, and two car park spaces.

The standalone villas have a front and back yard, one of which can be converted into a swimming pool, four bedrooms (one master), two spacious kitchens, a maid’s room, a laundry room, a storage room, a spacious veranda, and two car park spaces. In addition, as with all other units of the project, the villa has the capacity to build an additional level.

He also stated that the villas prices will start from BD 98600 while the whole project costs approximately BD 18 million.

“Our goal is to build homes that suit the Bahraini Citizen regardless of his, because that is the quality of life that every individual is seeking, and every citizen has the right to enjoy the most adequate and practical housing that his income allows”.

Manara, he said, has been working closely with the public sector including the Ministry of Housing and Eskan Bank.

The company had recently launched an agreement with Eskan Bank in May 2011 aiming to entitle Bahrainis benefiting from Government housing loans and Eskan Bank commercial loans to purchase properties with the option of repayment in installments depending on the building phases as per an agreement between the three parties.

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