Merchants of Bollywood take Bahrain by storm

In a synchronized explosion of complicated dance, energetic music, and lavish costumes, the “Merchants of Bollywood” performance brought the colorful culture of Bollywood to life in front of a capacity crowd on Thursday night at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Center (BIECC).

By following the epic tale of the shared love of the Kathak dance by a modern young girl and her traditional grandfather, the show explores the friction arising from the pressures of an increasingly globalized world and the struggle to adhere to cultural traditions. The second and final performance is scheduled for July 22nd at 8 pm at the Exhibition Center.
Concluding the line-up of Bahrain Summer Festival shows this year is the unique “Georgian Legend: Samaia’s Little Virtuosos” (July 25 – 26 at 7 pm), showcasing the amazing traditional dance of the Caucasus region by a group of talented Georgian youngsters. Due to overwhelming public demand, the Ministry of Culture decided to move the show to the Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Center. The show remains free to the public with tickets distributed at the venue on a first-come first-served basis.

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