Batelco asks for fresh telecom market review

Rashid Abdulla, Batelco Bahrain CEO
The Kingdom of Bahrain’s telecom market has witnessed many strides in the past and now it is a right time to carry out a fresh market review by the TRA, Batelco CEO Bahrain said.

Rashid Abdulla, CEO Batelco Bahrain in a Press conference said that Bahrain with one of the finest telecom regulations has reached a stage of maturity and a fresh market review would give the exact picture about statistics and telecom trends.

Elaborating on the market review he said that Bahraini telecom market reached a saturation point with penetration of 133% and by keeping on going the old path would result in ‘over protectionism.’

“The spirit of the competition is that it should be fair and should not be at the cost of the consumers,” Abdulla Rashid explained.

“The data of 2008 telecom market review and some regulations have become irrelevant and we need a fresh impetus from the TRA side to address these issues,” he said.

He said that Bahraini market with three telecom operators would be able to offer 4G and LTE services and an open auction, may bring another operators, won’t be a good idea.

“In case of auction for 4G, there will be more fragmentation of the telecom market which will not help a sustain growth pattern,” he said.

Referring to the TRA laws and regulations, Rashid said that the laws were fine but that require time to time modifications of certain rules as telecom industry based on dynamism.

Rashid said that incentives would also help the telecom operators to serve the consumer base in better way.

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