Batelco launches the first cloud service

Rashid Abdulla Batelco CEO Bahrain
Bahrain’s leading telecommunications provider, today announced the introduction of Batelco’s first cloud service ‘IMaaS’, a software as a service (SaaS) platform that enables organisations to build business decisions based on unique insights into their infrastructure.

While IT is a critical pillar in the overall structure of an organization, it remains remote, as much of the data is unattainable to non IT heads of business. IMaaS transforms complex data into usable content and allows key decision makers to form and run strategies that are shaped by true and detailed business scenarios.

Batelco IMaaS is one of the first cloud based services launched in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and is one of many cloud initiatives which will be carried out by Batelco in the near future.

The infrastructure management solution comes at a time when businesses are recovering from economic uncertainty and looking for workable solutions that help them stay competitive. Built to support organisations of any size, IMaaS provides users with the ability to makes decisions based on transparency, visibility and effectiveness. The platform enables organisations to streamline business collaboration from a single, unified portal that can be mapped to any third party application.

Batelco is committed to providing its customers with the best technology available. Recognising that there is a critical need for organisations to better understand the value and business impact of their core infrastructure (routers, firewalls, switch, servers etc.), Batelco anticipates that IMaaS will become a fundamental technology for companies who are serious about gaining market share.

“IMaaS will transform the way business leaders understand how their organisations run. Although IT is a key part of a company’s ecosystem, it often works as a silo, making it challenging for non IT executives to build fully comprehensive plans. The user friendly platform helps demystify complex IT data, resulting in solid decision making capabilities that work to drive profit margins up. Our customers will benefit significantly from using IMaaS to unify their business management,” Chief Executive Batelco Bahrain, Rashid Abdulla, said.

IMaaS is a valued addition to Batelco’s suit of business solutions offered to its corporate clients. Following industry best practice, the unifying business solution is built on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards. Presented through a set of user friendly, customizable dashboards, business leaders now have the opportunity to have full visibility of their enterprises’ activities. IMaaS is available at

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