Batelco terminates services of 100 employees for no show

Peter Kaliaropoulos Batelco Group CEO
Batelco, the largest telecom service provider in the Kingdom, confirmed that at least for three days many employees had remained absent from the work making some other employees to work extra duty hours.

Peter Kaliaropoulos Batelco Group Chief Executive on Thursday confirmed that services of about 85 to 100 Batelco employees have been terminated due to absenteeism. “Batelco being the essential services provider can afford to fail in delivering the services at any given point of point,” he said.

Kaliaropoulos ruled the rumours that Batelco had been targeting employees of a certain sect saying that Batelco only initiated investigation after some employees deliberately flouted the company rules.
“Batelco being one of the best employer don’t believe in anything else than professionalism and code of ethics at work place. We being a company only make sure that each employee as a team member renders services according to the mandate of his or her job portfolio. We don’t care what employees do after the working hours but the company would not tolerate any show and even at work some people use the network for some other purposes,” he explained.

“It is very unfortunate that some employees decided not to show up at work purely for their own non-Batelco related reasons,” he said.

The Group CEO said that management was not happy to see some employees suffer because of their conduct but the investigations in each individual case were being conducted in transparent and professional way.

Shaikh Ahmed Al Khalifa head of the HR lauded the company employees who rendered extra hours work for three days at Batelco Headquarter Hamala and Batelco Salmaniya Complex.
“We appreciate those who volunteered and help the wheel of telecom services moving despite some challenging situation for three days,” Shaikh Ahmed explained.
About slow network complaints from the public in the past many weeks, the Group CEO assured that Batelco would continue to offer the best possible services without any interruption.

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