Menatelecom launches new MyFi package

Abdul Razak Jawahery
Menatelecom, an investment subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House -Bahrain (KFH-B) rolled out its latest “MyFi Plus – Pocket Broadband” offer.

Menatelecom MyFi Plus customers benefit from exciting features including excellent broadband speeds of up to 18Mb with great indoor coverage. The device is compact and light-weight enabling you to carry your own Broadband hotspot in Your Pocket anywhere you go in addition to the ability to recharge the device using your Blackberry charger or any micro-USB connection.

“It is difficult to believe how powerful the MyFi Plus device is until you actually try it. There is a lot of technology and bandwidth packed into a little gadget that offers great performance whether you’re surfing the net, downloading large files or watching YouTube videos. Bahrain has become well accustomed to great technological advances in the telecommunications field, and this is definitely one of them,” Abdul Razak Jawahery Chairman of Menatelecom, said.

The new BD7/6GB package offers you great savings by enabling you to share your connection with up to 4 other devices. Experience the convenience of connecting all your devices including your laptop, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and any other WiFi-enabled device all at once with one internet package using Menatelecom’s MyFi device. The package offers great savings and comfort whenever you need broadband internet on-the-go.

The MyFi Plus device runs on a battery that lasts up to four hours and can be recharged using any PC or USB connection. MyFi Plus is available for purchase or installments with packages available at competitive prices ranging from as low as BD7 per month up to BD28 per month for unlimited downloads option while all packages offer a speed of up to 18Mb.

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