Telecom sector contributes BD402m to GDP

Dr Mohammed Al Amer Chairman TRA
The telecommunication sector’s contribution to the GDP reached 14% with pumping BD402 million into the national economy in 2011, a senior official at the TRA revealed.

TRA’s Chairman, Dr. Mohammed Al Amer, who presented the 3rd National Telecom Plan during a media event at Ritz Carlton Hotel, told the 24X7 News that looking at the telecom sector’s growth patterns in first half of the year, there were strong indications the figures would be better than the 2011.

In his presentation he said that mobile telephony penetration has reached 143 per cent in Bahrain with 30% in broadband and 20% in fixed network.

The TRA Chairman, who was joined by the TRA General Director Mohamed Bubashait and directors, said that the 3rd National Telecom Plan would help in sustaining Bahrain’s position as one of the leading countries in the telecom sector.

The few highlights of the new plan will help ensuring the best possible services including National Broadband Network to provide speeds up to and beyond 1 Gbps to businesses, and 100 Mbps to homes.

TRA General Director,

Mohamed Bubashait, TRA General Director
in his presentation said that TRA would continue to enforce competition.

“TRA will also work on optimising the availability of existing and new technologies to cater for the needs of the consumers. As part of a strategy, TRA will continue to focus on consumer empowerment as well implementing the national broadband network plan. The TRA will also be working very closely with all stakeholders in ensuring the security and safety in the cyber space,” Bubashait, added.

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