TRA empowers consumers to say no to spam messages

Ghada Al Qassab, Consumer Affairs Director at TRA

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) Bahrain in its continuing efforts aimed at empowering consumers said that consumers now can no to unwanted commercial messages.

“TRA reminds consumers of their ability to stop receiving unwanted commercial messages. Consumers can easily opt out from receiving any unwanted messages by contacting their services providers. According to the Bulk Commercial Messages Regulation issued by TRA last year, licensed operators are obliged to provide a mechanism for consumers to block unwanted commercial messages,” TRA in a statement said.

“TRA has mandated this service on mobile licensed operators to promote consumer privacy. Unlike social media messages, commercial bulk messages (SMS & MMS) are pushed to consumers at any time and in many cases without their consents which required TRA to intervene and regulate this commercial activity with a prober legal and technical regulation,” TRA’s Consumer Affairs and Media Director, Ms. Ghada Al Qassab said.

“Some consumers see promotional messages as a breach of their privacy while some consider them as a source of information, as such TRA balances these needs and concerns by introducing some safeguards to provide consumers with the choice of receiving or blocking such messages,” Al Qassab, added.

“We encourage consumers who wish to stop any message to contact their service providers and follow the easy steps to block unwanted messages without incurring any cost,” Al Qassab, said.

Al Qassab announced that TRA has launched a Customer Relationships Management System which is available on TRA’s website, where consumers can submit their complaints and inquires easily. The system will also allow consumers to obtain updates on their complaints. The System will improve the efficiency in solving consumer complaints and responding to their inquiries.

Consumers facing problems with their service providers and telecommunications services may now file a complaint using the Customer Relationships Management System via TRA’s website

TRA will continue to receive consumers’ complaints and inquiries regarding telecommunications services and licensed operators via its free consumer line 81188.

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