VIVA Bahrain on a regional telecom body

Andrew Hanna, VIVA Chief Commercial Officer
VIVA Bahrain has become the first telecommunication provider to join the ‘SAMENA Council CMO Committee’, launched by the SAMENA Telecommunications Council, a tri-lingual industry association of the leading telecommunications organizations.

“We are very excited about this initiative and the responsibilities it holds,” Andrew Hanna, VIVA Chief Commercial Officer, said.

“There is a great deal of experience among CMOs in the region and we anticipate much benefit from the exchange of knowledge and expertise. As an innovator in the field, VIVA welcomes a forum where industry leaders can pool their resources to explore new drivers of growth and tackle common challenges.”

VIVA Bahrain is now the first and only Bahraini telecom provider to join the CMO Committee, further consolidating their position as an innovator in the telecommunications field in the kingdom.

The committee was recently launched by SAMENA Telecommunications Council with the aim to organize conferences and forums that will enable sharing the best practices, innovations and ideas, creating new value add revenue generation concept, and facilitating networking opportunities.

“The regional telecommunications industry is extremely dynamic and on a rapid growth curve, and customer needs and demands are fast-evolving as a result of globalization, which creates a number of challenges for CMO’s. The Committee will aim to support the regional industry in catering to these requirements while ensuring profitability and growth,” Bocar A. BA, President of the SAMENA Telecommunications Council, said.
The SAMENA CMO Committee has invited membership from CMO’s from across the region, regulatory agencies’ staff, consultants and vendors.

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