VIVA goes superfast with the launch of 42Mbps HSPA+ network

Ibrahim bin Abdulrahman Al Omar, CEO of VIVA, second from right, with his team at the launch

VIVA, which has been leading the way with its state of the art network and bringing the latest technology available in the international markets since its launch, has reaffirmed its leadership in innovation by launching the 42Mbps HSPA+ network in Bahrain.

Ibrahim bin Abdulrahman Al Omar, CEO of VIVA, who announced the launch on Sunday said that 42Mbps and other innovative products and services were part of VIVA Bahrain’s aggressive business model, which has so far yielded results higher than management’s expectations.

“Since the launch of VIVA, the company has performed exceedingly well and produced results higher than the expectation so far,” Al Omar told journalists.
“Delivering on our promise on bringing innovation and best services to the Kingdom of Bahrain, we have now introduced one of the latest broadband speeds available commercially anywhere in the world, this great news comes with the fact that there will be no extra charge to use the new speeds as all customers have access to it,” he said.

He said VIVA would announce the performance results at a separate occasion.
VIVA had earlier announced $280 million investment plan for the 2011-13 which will enable the company to be a leader in products and services.

“The launch of the 42Mbps shows the commitment of VIVA to its customer base and we will continue to rollout products and services in line with the company’s aggressive business model,” Andrew Hanna, Chief Commercial Officer VIVA said.

The upgrade on the network will also coincide with the launch of VIVA’s new broad band dongles that reach up to 42Mbps as well as the fastest home and business broadband routers. This means that VIVA now provides the fastest broadband for home, business and mobile uses.

The new broadband devices will be available at all VIVA branches and can be used with any of the existing competitive packages on offer, from prepaid packages offering the most capacity per recharge amount to the unique post-paid packages starting with the lowest entry barrier of BD5 and offers very competitive quotas as well as unlimited usage with a range of capped speeds depending on the package.

Also, VIVA home broadband lets customers choose between prepaid and postpaid services at high speeds as all routers support prepaid recharge and check balance, that as well as being the only home service that offers high speed throughput without asking the customer to buy their speed.

VIVA is considered to be the only operator that provides a variety of devices at highest speeds where customers can choose between router or dongle based on the need or both, as well as being the only operator that offers Prepaid home broadband.

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