Zain Bahrain raises the bar of premium service

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Zain Premier Group picture
Zain Bahrain, the most innovative telecommunications provider in the Kingdom, announced the launch of its premium SIGNATURE service. The SIGNATURE service promises its customers excellent telecom bundled services as well as luxury lifestyle perks such as a concierge service, personal assistants and messengers, and complimentary airport VIP lounge access across the world. The SIGNATURE service is tailored to meet the sophisticated needs of VIPs, business owners, corporate executives, and anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

In addition to exclusive telecommunication benefits such as free international minutes, free roaming minutes and free devices, the SIGNATURE service offers a host of exclusive value-added luxury lifestyle services. The innovative Concierge and Messenger Services offer an unlimited range of options, from getting your car serviced to picking up a gift from the mall, that make life easier for busy VIPs and executives. Effectively you have personal assistants and messenger who you can use to research queries, provide delivery services, holiday planning, temporary staffing referrals, courier service arrangements and secretarial services such as special occasion reminders, travel planning assistance and event management support. With the VIP airport lounge access, SIGNATURE customers have complimentary access to more than 50 premium lounges at airports across the world.

“We are proud of this unique lifestyle component of our SIGNATURE service. SIGNATURE rewards and recognizes our customers’ uniqueness with only the highest-quality services. Our customers can enjoy an exclusive experience with a dedicated team of Account Managers, through to carefully designed packages that offer a wide variety of latest devices and an exclusive number range. What’s more, its power stretches beyond Bahrain, making it a real on-the-go lifestyle package,” Hisham Abu Alfateh, Director of Zain SIGNATURE, said.

Zain will be providing the value-added luxury lifestyle services through Bahrain Concierge, the local subsidiary of Kuwait Concierge, the unique service provider with exclusive ideas, customized specially for the needs in our region and has great history of success in what they do.

“We believe that Bahrain Concierge fills a special niche, as it appreciates and caters to the requirements of the people in our region. We understand what this culture needs and requires and we gear our services accordingly. We are proud to partner with Zain, a company that innovated with the most unique ideas to please their customers,” Bahrain Concierge’s President Hassan Al Suwaidi, said.

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