Zain continues to invest in infrastructure in Bahrain

Mohammed Zainalabedin, with heads of the various departments at Zain during media Ghabgha
Zain Bahrain remained committed to provide the best products, services and innovative technology to its client base in the Kingdom, according to a top official at the company.

“Zain will continue to invest in the infrastructure as part of its commitment to the local market and keeping the company as one of the best telecom service providers in Bahrain,” the Zain Bahrain’s General Manager, Mohammed Zainalabedin, said during the media Ghabgha.

He said that Bahrain market would continue to be tough and competitive for the service providers but Zain as part of its strategy would continue to roll out the best products and innovative technology.

Zainalabedin without going into specifics of the investments in infrastructure said that whenever there was a need of rolling out a cutting edge technology, Zain Bahrain would ensure the availability of innovative telecom services for the client base.
“At Zain Bahrain, we are constantly focusing on making our network more ‘future savvy’ – that is, capable of higher-speed data downloads and access to the web and to apps which are defining lifestyles and mobile phone usage. Today the most extensive users of ICT are larger businesses and the government, as well as the younger generation of consumers who use it for more personal matters such as university research and studies, social networking, etc. We believe that increased globalization, the development of ICT infrastructure and initiatives such as e-Government, will push up the use of ICT networks and applications and this is bound to reach all segments of the Bahrain society,” Zainalabedin quoted saying in one of the recent conferences held in Bahrain.

The event was attended by more than fifty journalists and the media representatives held at the Elite Resort and Spa in Manama.

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