Zain offers free device and free rental for broadband customers

Zain Bahrain is offering customers three months of completely free e-Go mobile broadband services and the choice of opting for either the popular e-Go individual dongle or the Zain Fi device which allows up to five computers to link up to Zain broadband.

“The promotion reinforces the power of Zain’s Mobile broadband-on-the-move package which offers customers a wide range of options to choose from, coverage all over Bahrain for the e-Go mobile device and some of the best offers, thanks to major enhancements of the Zain Bahrain broadband network,” Zain in a statement said.

“The promotion offers all customers who sign up for its high-speed e-Go mobile broadband service the option of Zain Bahrain’s speedy and reliable broadband connection. The offer gives customers 3 months free rental and even a free device of your choice – e-Go or Zain Fi – and packs in a punch with a value-added quota management style which allows customers to browse, download and chat freely since they will not be charged if their usage exceeds their threshold,” it added.

“Zain Bahrain upgraded its broadband offerings and we’ve been getting plenty of positive feedback on how we have improved and made the service so much more affordable and accessible to the public,” said Zain Bahrain’s Mobile Broadband Specialist Ammar Al Samea.
“But what has got our customers really interested is the fact that every offer is practical and responds to customer needs – this package of free device, free rental, and choice of e-Go or Zain Fi has excited our customers.”

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