Adnan Yousif applauds educational achievements of employees

Manama: Adnan Ahmed Yousif, President and Chief Executive of Al Baraka Banking Group received Saber Mohammed Alebrahim, who gave him a copy of his master degree’s research in business administration from the University of Bahrain, which dealt with leadership styles and job satisfaction in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The research covered the leadership styles in a number of public and private sector institutions. The results of the study showed the importance of transformational leadership in achieving job satisfaction, which is reflected positively on the level of performance and productivity.

Adnan Ahmed Yousif has praised the findings of the study which will contribute to raising the level of performance of executive leadership in the private sector, achieving the goals and improving the financial performance. Saber Alebrahim praised the encouragement he received during the meeting with the P&CE of Al Baraka Banking Group.

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