BIBF to host international expert Ron Kaufman

Ron Kaufman
Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) will host the international expert Ron Kaufman for an executive-level workshop on service leadership.

BIBF expects the workshop, scheduled for the 7th of October 2012 at the Bahrain Crowne Plaza Hotel Convention Centre, to draw strong interest from decision makers within the business community for its valuable insights on how to build an uplifting service culture for a sustainable competitive advantage.

Participants will learn proven strategies, best practices, case studies and techniques to build and reinforce a superior service culture in 12 essential areas: World Class Service Education, Engaging Service Vision, Service Staff Recruitment, New Staff Orientation, Service Communications, Service Rewards and Recognition, Voice of the Customer, Service Measures and Metrics, Service Process Improvement, Service Recovery and Guarantees, Service Benchmarking and Service Role Modelling..

“More than ever before, successful companies are gaining market share, increasing customer loyalty, and boosting their profitability by differentiating on excellent service. To do this consistently over time demands more than only delivering excellent service to customers. It also means building an Uplifting Service Culture that ensures outstanding service between colleagues, departments, and functions inside the organization. This culture of uplifting internal service will attract, develop and retain the best staff, and results in the best service experience for external customers and clients,” Ron Kaufman, said.

“As leaders in the field of education and training for the financial sector, BIBF understands that to achieve success, a visionary leader must lead their organisation towards achieving customer service excellence which benchmarks against global standards. Introducing innovation tools and concepts to enhance and develop local leaders will further advance Bahrain’s current top 50 position within the Innovators Index according to the Global Innovation Index 2012,” Garry Muriwai BIBF Director, said.

“This support comes in line with its mission to provide the necessary training and development opportunities for Bahrainis in order make them the ideal employees of choices, as well as raise the skills profile of the local employment force and therefore improve their living standards. We are pleased to cooperate with Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance on this workshop and we look forward for further cooperation,” Amal Al-Kooheji, Tamkeen senior manager, human capital development, said.

“This event is a key part of the Centre’s strategy in showcasing internationally renowned speakers in the fields of leadership and management for the Bahraini market. I envisage the success of this will lead to other events in the coming year,” Kadri Rizk Head of Centre Leadership and Management, said.

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