BMI Bank upgrades eBanking services

ebankingPR_3319BMI Bank announced the launch of an upgraded eBanking service for its retail customers. Available to BMI Bank customers including all of its credit card holders, the new version uses best-in-class technology and will now allow customers to register for the service online enabling them to both execute their retail banking transactions as well as receive information regarding their financial and non financial transactions at the click of a button, without the need to visit a branch.

The new version also permits a customer-defined user name and password which can be reset by them eliminating considerable back-office management and cost, along with a One Time Password (OTP) valid for fifteen minutes or per session giving customers’ added security. Customers can also chose a secure access image and caption to be confirmed during login with the help of a virtual login keypad. With the use of IBAN account numbers and online validation, users will now have the advantage of a sophisticated level of security.

“BMI Bank first introduced its online banking service to customers in 2007, and I am pleased to announce that the improved and upgraded version of the service which we are launching today offers a much wider range of services and enhanced features to our beloved customers. Over the years, we have been working towards leveraging technology as well as providing convenient and easily accessible banking services through a range of channels such as ATMs, the internet and through phone banking in an attempt to make banking convenient and further boost the customer experience,” Jamal Al-Hazeem, Chief Executive Officer of BMI Bank, said.

“With eBanking and the recently launched Phone Banking service, we are confident that our customers will have better control of their finances safely, quickly and conveniently. This new initiative is in line with our ‘better, together’ philosophy of keeping the customer’s needs as the focal point of our business.”

In addition to an improved listing of accounts statements and transactions and accurate handling of foreign currency, now customers can add beneficiaries and apply for fixed deposits online. While paying local bills online, customers can also benefit from bill enquiries at real-time. As part of the new service customers will also be able to review a brief history of all their eBanking transactions at a glance.

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