BMI Bank announces Diyar Homes Villa, cash prize winners

A.Aziz A.Nabi Sabkar 3rd Grand prize winner of Diyar Homes Villa with Eyad Sater
A.Aziz A.Nabi Sabkar 3rd Grand prize winner of Diyar Homes Villa with Eyad Sater
Bahraini retail and commercial banking institution BMI Bank’s successful Ayadi Savings Scheme announced the winners of its grand prize draw in October and its seventh-monthly draw in November.

Over 50 customers were awarded a shared prize pool of $80,000 for the month of November, including Alaa Albdulhasan Alwan and Eman Hameed Merza, each winning US$ 10,000 cash prize, and Hasan Ali Jawad and Rawan Isameel AlSaad, who won US$ 5,000 cash each in the monthly Ayadi For Students draw, while Abdulaziz Abdulnabi Sabkar won a luxurious villa in Diyar Homes in the October grand-prize draw.

“I heard from friends that Ayadi offers a range of valuable prizes this year and I decided to invest in the hope of doubling my money, but never did I dream I’d receive a call telling me I’d won a beautiful villa in Diyar Homes,” Abdulaziz Sabkar said.

Both Alaa Alwan and Eman Hameed were ecstatic with their US$ 10,000 win.

“This money could not have come at a better time. My mother is currently unwell and in need of medical treatment abroad and this prize will go a long way in helping, so thank you Ayadi!” Eman Hameed, on the other hand, has already decided to reinvest her win into Ayadi with the hope of winning the next grand prize,” Alaa Alwan, said.

As for “Ayadi for Students” winners of US$ 5,000, 17 year old Hasan Ali Jawad, he expressed his excitement at winning. “I was shocked to hear that I won. My father had decided to invest in Ayadi to provide me with a secure future, and also cover my university expenses. I will take this opportunity to pay back my father and hopefully lift some of the burden off his shoulders.”

“BMI Bank continues to reward more and more customers through Ayadi Savings Scheme. We have congratulated over 417 winners to date, three of which have won their very own villa in the heart of Bahrain’s up-and-coming development, Diyar Homes. We are extremely delighted that we are able to offer something extra to our Ayadi customers, and we look forward to announcing our last grand prize winner of 2013,” Eyad Sater, General Manager Support Services, BMI Bank said.

Investors are encouraged to increase their Ayadi deposits to boost their chance of winning the last Diyar Homes Villa which will be given away in January 2014.

BMI Bank offers its customers a refreshed scheme with a bigger prize pool of US$ 1.8 million in 2013. Customers of the Ayadi Saving Scheme now have a chance to win more unique and exciting prizes with four Grand prizes in addition to 416 monthly winners, 30 winners during Ramadan and 24 special cash prizes of US$ 5,000 introduced to benefit students, to be given out throughout the year.

To be eligible for the prize draw, customers can open an Ayadi Savings Account at any BMI Bank branch in Bahrain with a minimum deposit of BD 50. The Ayadi Savings scheme draws are overseen by a representative from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC) along with the internal and external auditors and in accordance with Bahrain Banking and Chamber of Commerce laws.

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