BMI Bank supports 29th Public Administration Congress

From left Dr.-Ra’ed-BenShams-Eyad-Sater-and-Gordon-Andrade
From left Dr.-Ra’ed-BenShams-Eyad-Sater-and-Gordon-Andrade
BMI Bank, a Bahraini retail and commercial banking institution, announced its sponsorship of the 29th International Congress of Public Administration to be held in Bahrain from the 1st to the 6th of June 2013. The congress, organized in association with the Bahrain Institute of Public Administration (BIPA) amongst other premier international institutes and associations, will attract both local and international Ministers and Heads of Governments as well as representatives from a diverse field including the public sector, corporate houses and the academia.

“As a responsible local Bank, we are proud to extend our support towards such a momentous national event that will shine the spotlight of the world on Bahrain and showcase its leadership within the areas of public sector capacity building, public policy thinking and showcase its progressive public service philosophy and practices,” Eyad Sater General Manager of BMI Bank said.

“BIPA, set up in 2006, has over the years provided key support to develop and upgrade public administration and training in various ministries and governmental organizations to support economic and social development plans. By partnering BIPA at this unique congress, we believe we too can do our part to raise the profile of Bahrain.”

“We would like to thank our partner BMI Bank for their valued support which enables to focus on hosting and delivering a world class congress. The conference, held under the theme “The Future of Public Administration: leadership and professionalism, is the biggest professional and scientific gathering of Administrative Sciences related to government policies and public administration in the world, and is jointly organized by the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA) and the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS), once every 3 years,” Dr. Ra’ed BenShams Director General of BIPA said.

“The honor to host the conference is a responsibility we welcome and we stand committed to delivering a great event on counts of both program and hospitality to our participants and guests. In seeking to organize the IIAS/IASIA 2013 Joint Congress, BIPA is endeavoring to position the Kingdom in the front of a captivating and a positively growing public administrative agenda,” he said.

This congress will be beneficial to all parties on many counts as for BIPA, it will help establish a localized public administrative agenda and bring the thought of world-class thinkers to bear on the experience of the region. For IIAS/IASIA, it will put them in contact with a new ground of public administration that both organizations have only tangentially engaged so far.”

The 2013 Joint Congress in Manama seeks to provide an ideal platform for researchers and practitioners from all continents and regions to gather and share their ideas on various topics addressed during the conference. The main theme of the 2013 Joint Congress is both timely and compelling in an era of global economic stagnation. On this basis, the congress will further discuss the following three sub-themes: (1) future risks and strategies; (2) leadership for the future; and (3) innovative service delivery for the future.

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