Two winners receive $20,000 in Ayadi draw

The sixth monthly draw of the year organized by the Bahraini retail and commercial banking institution, BMI Bank, witnessed two Ayadi September winners being awarded a share of US$ 20,000 Vinod Pania and Amos Bogan were awarded $10,000 each. Mazen Sater, Assistant General Manager and Head of Retail Banking at BMI Bank presented the winners with a cheque for the prize money at the Bank’s headquarters at the Bahrain World Trade Center.

“My daughter has been a regular investor in Ayadi and has benefitted hugely with not only great returns on her savings but by also winning one of the monthly draws earlier. It was then that I decided to invest more actively in the Bank and I am happy I made the right decision. I will keep my winnings in an Ayadi for Students account for my youngest daughter,” Vinod Pania, one of the US$ 10,000 prize money winners said.

“I am thrilled to have won Ayadi’s monthly draw and I’m planning to re-invest the prize money to take advantage of the timeline extended until first week of October for a chance to hopefully win the big prize, a Diyar Homes Villa,” another winner of the US$ 10,000 prize money, Amos Bogan said.

“With a majority of our winners being recent investors of the savings scheme, Ayadi’s ‘value-added’ returns offer is being well-accepted by those who continue to invest with us for more rewards in the future. We are extremely delighted that we are able to offer something extra to our Ayadi customers,” Mazen Sater, Assistant General Manager and Head of Retail Banking, BMI Bank said.

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