IFSB- BNM to host seminar on Islamic micro finance

The Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) and Bank Negara Malaysia will jointly organise the BNM-IFSB Financial Inclusion Advisers (FIA) Programme and Seminar on Islamic Microfinance. The four day programme will be held in Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur from 27 to 30 August 2012.

Key areas to be covered by the programme will include financial inclusion as a national policy objective to support more equitable and broad-based economic growth; framework for an inclusive financial system encompassing institutional arrangements, critical support services and infrastructure; key elements that contribute to a more inclusive financial sector such as financial outreach in terms of access to financial services, financial education and redress and product diversification with services and products at prices that are sustainable and affordable and recent developments in Islamic microfinance, including an international comparison of regulatory and supervisory issues, and current practices and innovations in the industry.

The FIA Programme will also provide participants an overview of the different types of policies and interventions which will facilitate in shaping a more inclusive financial sector. It will focus on strategic thrusts of the financial system which aim to promote greater financial inclusion, and will discuss, among others global or macro perspectives of financial inclusion; enhancing the institutional capacity of small and medium enterprises, branchless banking and consumer protection and financial education.

The Seminar on Islamic Microfinance held on the fourth day of the Programme aims to discuss the recent developments in Islamic microfinance as well as the current practices and innovations in the industry. Four sessions of the seminar include development and Challenges in Islamic Microfinance; comparative analysis on regulatory framework for Islamic Microfinance; issues in Supervisory Review of Islamic Microfinance and a Panel Discussion on Regulating Islamic Microfinance: The Way Forward.

The IFSB and Bank Negara Malaysia are inviting supervisory and regulatory officials as well as industry players whose work involves economic development, development finance, poverty management, rural economics, micro, small and medium enterprise policy management and financial sector planning to participate in this programme.

More information on the FIA Programme and Seminar, including the list of confirmed speakers, will be announced in due course. Please visit the IFSB website at www.ifsb.org or email faezah@ifsb.org for more details or to register for this event.

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